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SD008 adopts a wide-view design and good ventilation so that users can solve and improve facial skin quality problems with a good experience. 


Suitable for at-home, beauty salons, spas, medical and other places. 




  • Wireless touch switch, one key to open 
  • Opening design, skin care and work together 
  • High security LED, no worries 
  • Well ventilated and easy to breath and light weight  
  • Powered by USB, portable 
  • Home design, self-help skin rejuvenation care 
  • Skin Rejuvenation 
  • Acne 
  • Eye Health 
  • CE and RoHS Certification 




Model: SD008 

Wavelength colors:

Red Light (660-665nm)

Blue Light (450-480nm)

Purple Light (405-410nm) 

Power Input: DC5V 1A 

Power Output: 30-40W  

LEDs: 690 LED lights  

Product size: 290x205x120(mm)

Product weight: 1.1kg / 2.4lbs 

Warranty: 1 Year  

Best For: Targeted Treatment 



SD008 Mask 

Fixing belt 

Product Charging Base

Charging line  

Product manual 




Anti-Aging | Anti-Acne LED Red, Blue and Purple Light Face Mask

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LED Facial Mask
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  • SD008 3- Color LED Mask 

    Red Light (660nm-665nm)

    Blue light (450nm-480nm)  

    Pink light (405-410nm) 


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